Cottage July 2016

8:09 AM

Here are some photos I (and others) took at our cottage and in Ottawa.

Ollie and Kota liked to tag along on my early morning photo adventures.

Ottawa bathroom selfie.

This is how interested I was in taking a photo.

This is how interested Dakota was in Papa giving her a shoulder ride.

I'm on the pursuit of happiness...

This is currently my most effective parenting method.

Place me anywhere in the world and I will find the shawarma.

"Mom, your caramel is burning."
"Did you take it off the heat?"
"I did not. I just took a photo and then told you about it."

Just a casual cinnamon apple dutch baby with bacon maple syrup.

This is how I enforce modesty.

My mom learned ukulele in under 30 minutes.

This is Lance Bass and his brother Chance

This is Mr. Avocado the toad

My mom is the type of person who whips up a gluten free wild berry pie as though the task is as simple as breathing

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