Weekend in Huntsville

9:59 AM

First off, an apology.  I posted maybe 3 times in March, and ZERO in April. I am a bad blogger.

Moving on...

Last weekend, we went up to the cottage and had an amazing time! The weather was chilly, but honestly the temperature is of no concern to me when my days are full of reading, cooking, napping, building fires and hiking. Wow, so refreshing. 

We drove into town and it ended up being "Maple Syrup Fest" in downtown Huntsville, which was a real treat. We didn't even know. Here are some snaps from that day.

My sweet wilderness man, Oliver Wolfe, in his natural habitat. We took a walk up the road about twenty minutes and when we decided to turn around and go home he ended up darting into the woods with his "Papa" and they took the forest-way back home. This is after watching the scary bear scene in John Candy's classic "Great Outdoors" about 20x, and secretly listening to the bear scene in the Revenant. No fear this one.

Outside of the theater, a beverage company called Tapped was giving out samples of their maple water which is like a natural version of Gatorade. I was the only one who really liked the taste though.

Vendors were set up all along Main St. We had spent the morning and noon hour being lazy so by the time we arrived it was almost closing up.

There were cool artifacts like these vintage tree tapping spouts.

There was an expert wood carver who made some incredible pieces.The smell was lovely.

My mom & Kota loved cruising the stands.

This guy was demonstrating animal calls.

The log you see on the far left was carved out and full of ice. For $2 people could pour maple syrup in and let it freeze on a popsicle stick for a sweet treat.

This guy sold really nice cutting boards.

We also enjoyed homemade pecan cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing and some Fire Roasted coffee.

Calvin made jerk shrimp and I made pineapple-cilantro salsa. Is there anything better to put on a taco? No.

There's a new juice bar in downtown Huntsville, Totem. I picked up their carrot-based juice, Bon Fire. It was sweet and fresh with a kick of ginger. We also tried a nice beet juice and a pineapple-herb juice.

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