Who I'm thankful for on International Women's Day

8:17 AM

I couldn’t be more grateful for the supportive and empowering sisterhoods that I consider myself a part of. I could list a million reasons why I’m so thankful for the powerful women in my life. Here are some:

-          For a mom, two sisters, a mother-in-law and sister-in-law who are always my fall-back, in whom I have 100% confidence that they’ll catch me if I need catching, love me even if I’m being unlovable, and fix my problems even if I made them willingly myself. And for a gaggle of aunts who feel like sisters to me.

-          For two grandmothers who taught me skills I cherish and who left legacies to be proud of.  And the two living grandmothers that I gained through marriage.

-          For warm, lovey-dovey women whose friendship feels like a never-ending hug.

-          For my tight-knit circle of girls who enable my coffee addiction, over-use of social media, under-brushing of hair, falling asleep during every movie, and deep inability to handle being even 1% hungry. For appreciating the combination of cheese plates and American politics. For letting me use my New Zealand accent even when it's annoying.

-          For the fellow mamas who laugh with me about our kids’ bathroom mishaps or at-school cursing, and who ease my worries when I’m knee deep in a stomach flu or high-fever situation. There’s actually nothing in the world like another mom saying “me too”.

-          For a woman who cares for my children, the most precious things of my life, and treats them as though they are her own. Who sends them home with fresh cookies in their bellies. Who only took a week to change Dakota's answer to 'how was day care today?' from 'I cry' to 'I happy'.

-          For a workplace that sees women in leadership as a win for everyone. For those that have become “my tribe” (I can never thank you enough). For my leader who reminds me of my value and who sets an example for me to aspire to. And for the fact that her leaders are strong, intelligent women too.

-          For the women who have made it their job to spread the word about issues of privilege and marginalization  – who keep all of us updated on what we can celebrate, and what needs work. Who don’t see feminism as a swear word.

-          For the women who set the very highest bar in “we belong to each other”ism

-          For the woman who helped my babies come into the world.

-          For the woman who I am raising every day. Who already has more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control that I could ever be credited with. Who would rather be strong than pretty. Who shows off her Buddha belly at every chance. Who has no problem telling the boys to “shoo”. If you were the only woman I knew, this day would still be worth celebrating.

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