40 favourite foods

5:32 PM

This is going to be a doozy but the kids are snuggled into a ninja turtles movie so I have time.

1. Fav quick breakfast food - buttered whole grain toast and a fried egg... if it has to be really quick: 1 spoon of peanut butter

2. Fav leisurely breakfast food - scramble of home fries with onions and peppers, topped with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce

3. Fav order at a restaurant breakfast - omelet with feta and spinach

4. Fav quick lunch food - Mr Noodles with added soy sauce, sesame oil, sriracha and lime juice, or canned tuna on salad

5. Fav leisurely lunch food -  fish tacos

6. Fav order at a restaurant lunch - I almost exclusively cycle between nachos or meal sized salad 

7. Fav quick dinner food - chicken souvlaki on pita with cucumber and tzatziki

8. Fav leisurely dinner food - eggplant casserole, stuffed chicken, jerk shrimp 

9. Fav order at a casual restaurant dinner - nachos, meal sized salad, veggie burger, any bowl style meal like stir fry

10. Fav order at an upscale restaurant dinner - the fish feature, or if there's something interesting like a ... portobello ricotta veggie tower?

11. Fav breakfast for dinner - quiche and peameal bacon

12. Fav leftovers meal - fried rice

13. Fav part of Thanksgiving meal - brussel sprouts

14. Fav take out - shawarma

15. Fav healthy dessert - Greek yogurt, kiwi, raspberries, coconut, pineapple

16. Fav unhealthy dessert - baklava, tiramisu

17. Fav movie snack - I usually fall asleep but.. corn chips

18. Fav salty craving - corn chips again

19. Fav sweet craving - good quality chocolate

20. Fav sandwich - anything with a tomato-mayo combo, love weird breads, love sprouts

21. Fav smoothie - pineapple juice, kale, mint, peaches

22. Fav Starbucks drink - black bold

23. Fav family recipe - Mom's buffalo chicken casserole or eggplant casserole, sago, rouladen, varnecki, I'm realizing I can't spell any Mennonite foods... Dad's egg fried rice

24. Fav cook all day food - pulled pork 

25. Fav ready in 5 minutes food - eggs, Mr Noodles, toasted tomato sandwich, bagel with smoked salmon

26. Fav baked good recipe - not sweet,  but, puff pastry stuffed with bacon jalapeños and cream cheese

27. Fav frying pan recipe - a good grilled cheese

28. Fav bbq food - salmon, zucchini, mushrooms, bacon wrapped jalapeños or dates, peaches

29. Fav seafood - black cod

30. Fav party snack - an entire cheese plate

31. Fav mid day pick me up - coffee

32. Fav indulgence - warm brownie with ice cream

33. Fav make me feel healthy food - green juice especially with ginger

34. Fav blow your paycheck food - any good cheese, way too much smoked salmon, mussels

35. Fav pizza toppings - green olives, pineapple, feta, spinach, bacon

36. Fav soup - beer and cheddar

37. Fav fruit - cherries, pear

38. Fav veggie - radish, salted garden tomato, arugula

39. Fav meat - all seafood, striploin, chicken thigh

40. Fav starch - naan or pita, white rice, latkes 

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