Things I'm always up for

4:36 AM

I saw something online recently that listed "things I'm always up for". It was cute and had things like fuzzy socks,  breakfast for dinner & long, meaningful conversations. I didn't end up reposting because a number of them weren't quite accurate for me but it got me to thinking... here is my list of things I'm always up for:

- grabbing Starbucks before we hit the road
- you bring the meat, we'll bring the cheese
- seeing a movie at the Hyland (before 9pm)
- recording an embarrassing video of singing/playing an instrument
- explaining the situation using only emojis
- putting on another pot of coffee
- hey, can you hold my baby for a minute?
- an after dinner walk around the neighbourhood
- covering someone's Friday shift
- accepting hand me downs
- Sephora browsing
- a library book recommendation
- an adventure that could end up with getting lost
- washing someone else's dishes
- just order me whatever you think I would like
- endlessly queuing up funny youtube videos
- discussing the Duggars
- having someone braid my hair
- a nap

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