23 Unposted Photos of 2015

8:04 AM

I have a Shoebox account to back up my photos and periodically it will show me what I was doing this time a year ago, or three months ago, etc. There are so many photos that I haven't posted for one reason or another. Here are some that I thought I'd share now. They are teeny tiny for a reason ;)

This is Oliver right before finding out if he would need glasses or not. (He didn't, and was super bummed.)

I ended up taking a better photo of Ollie with his birthday cake at the cottage.

We tried to take a family photo. It worked out pretty well. Love my parents.

That time Calvin got us a hotel room in Toronto and my sister showed up for the free breakfast buffet.

My little jungle cat on her new (at the time) kid-sized couch. It has since become Oliver's place to crash beside my side of the bed if he has a nightmare and doesn't want to sleep alone in his room.

Just two girls taking a selfie.

Sometimes my hair looks nice and I try to take a nice photo and I end up taking a bad photo.

This little Georgia peach was so sweaty in her leopard print tutu.

This is 1 of THOUSANDS of photos Dakota has taken of herself. I could make a coffee table book of all of them. So relax, much chill.

Bath antics.

Girl, I feel ya.

Koko and her buddy Grey getting ready for the beach.

Trying to take a nice photo of Kota with Ruth. Got this instead.

That time I wore an Isis shirt in public all day. (Isis is a metal band.)

I try to post photos of my kids' dinners BEFORE they get drowned in ketchup.

Face meet plate.

Because, why would I post a photo of me smiling? Right Kanye?

A boy and his Maamo.

Oh my gosh, when did she become not bald?! 2015 you betrayed me.

Snowboarding, sans board.

Mom wouldn't let me post this. But, look, here we are.

Family walk. Took a photo as Dakota was spilling off the side.

The fact that I didn't post this IS A TRAVESTY.

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