Oliver's New Career as a YouTuber

6:29 AM

Oliver absolutely loves watching YouTube videos, specifically unboxing/unwrapping videos of toys and snacks. He can search "kinder surprise eggs" and then be occupied for an hour. He knows all the big youtubers, he can recognize videos that he's seen before, or been hoping to see, or that seem to be a rip off of another Youtuber's idea. He's all in.

So when I told him that he could be a Youtuber is was ecstatic. We began with a trial run, in which he did a review of the Nutella pretzel snack. I shared it to Facebook and got a good response so he's been making videos almost every day since.

I've seen so much improvement from him - from his first videos during which there would be long awkward pauses and little to no commentary, to his most current ones where he's truly upping his 'hosting' chops. He runs the audience through exactly what he's doing and likes to throw funny or interesting things in too. He's had his share of bloopers - in one video he starts bawling and in others his little sister tries to sabotage him - but in general he's pretty flawless.

Here are some if you'd like to check them out. Please like, comment, share and subscribe!

His first video ever - Nutella review

A sweet moment with Dakota

The infamous crying one

An early one

The day he was sick but still filmed - such dedication

His first Kinder Surprise Egg video


On the counter, oops

I didn't help with this one at all

And another

I helped

On the floor

Look at that cute jacket

Dakota steals the show again


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