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6:23 AM

My friends, it's another edition of "Amy posts a few of the photos that have been sitting on her phone"! How excited are you?

Oldest photo here is of my meal a week or so ago when we were out for dinner. There's just something about having someone else cook for you that is so wonderful. I'm a serious seafood order-er in restaurants. If it's not fish, it's nachos. If it's not nachos, it's fajitas. Or salad, or stirfry on rice! Okay, I'm done!

I was invited to a potluck brunch last week and was told most people bring sweet dishes like muffins and scones, so more savory (eggy, cheesy) dishes are much appreciated. I baked up these cheddar-scallion popovers... and then I wasn't able to make it. I managed to choke them down ;) By the way, popovers are super easy - combine equal parts flour and milk (maybe 1.5 cups) and whisk in a ton of eggs (like 4 - 6) and some salt and whatever flavour you're going for (I did cheddar and scallions of course). Heat your oven to surface-of-the-sun hot and put a buttered muffin tin in to warm up for like 60 seconds, then pull it out carefully and ladle your batter in. Keeping the oven closed, watch through the door's window (if it's clean enough, wink) until the popovers have puffed, then drop your temp to 350 and bake til they're cooked through - like 20 minutes. I know that doesn't sound very exact or scientific and it's not. I don't ever follow a recipe for popovers and they're perfect every time.

One morning I topped a warm popover with a fried egg. Hello!

Here's the power of VSCOcam.... This is the photo I posted on instagram of my golden latke sandwich with goat cheese, arugula (from my mom's garden - wow!) and a spicy apple compote. With good lighting, an interesting angle, and the magic of filters, it looked like this...

Here's a crappy photo I took of it while caring less about instagram. See the difference?

I like to sprinkle a few hideous photos in there as well so you guys remember just how real I am. This is me literally trying not to rip my skin off my body at how good this black rice noodle bacon carbonara was. I know it sounds like I'm exaggerating. I was stopping after every bite to scream OHHH MMYYYY GOOOOOOSHHHHH. To make it I crisped up bacon in the oven (you guys do know that bacon is 200x better in the oven right?) and crumbled it up into a mixture of beaten eggs, cream and Parmesan cheese (okay, and salt and pepper!). Boiled and drained the noodles (organic black rice noodles from mama - thanks) and then stirred the hot noodles into the egg mix, thus cooking it into a creamy, magnificent sauce. Also threw in some parsley for good measure. Served with a salad.


On Saturday we knew we had plans to be out at a winery event (and then devour a meat and cheese platter after) so we ate a late lunch. Around 2pm Cal started cooking up this seriously glorious potato soup. The sweet lad topped mine with hot sauce, because clearly he knows the key to my heart. Served with a yummy grilled cheese.

This spread of meat, cheese, crackers, fruit, nacho chips and guacamole was literally inside our bodies within 10 minutes. I placed it on a low coffee table in the basement and as a joke I pulled up a pillow and sat directly in front of it and was delighted to see my friend Mary had already done the exact same thing, so we literally just parked our butts right there on the floor and just kept our hands moving to our faces as quickly as possible. We also might have single handedly (double handedly?) downed a bottle of red and a huge bottle of hard cider, so needless to say church in the morning was accompanied by a headache. I'm getting so dramatic in my old age.

One night I was feeling the German vibes and made this super Bavarian SEHR SEHR GUT dinner of sausage, schnitzel with mustard, fresh apples and INCREDIBLE fried cabbage. I'd like everyone in the world to learn to make good fried cabbage, it's cheap as eff & tastes like heaven. It does however make your house smell bad - make sure you're married to a Bath & Body Works candle addict before attempting.

I might be the reigning taco champion of this city. This is just my standard go to of ground meat, avocado, peppers, lettuce and salsa. On 6" flour tortillas.

This is a used up lime, two avocados and a chunk of red onion. You do the math.

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