Toronto Blue Jays Post-Season

6:20 AM

The past few weeks have been incredible for Blue Jays fans. Yes, a lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon. Hey I might even kind of fall into that category. But really, as a nation we are living out their hashtag "come together". It's so energizing for everyone to be excited about something at the same time. I can text anyone, ANYONE, a non-sports-fan and be like "Wow, Pillar's catch right?" and they'll understand. I love that. People who have never liked baseball before know which base to find Donaldson at.

Cal and I went to the last regular season home game and had an amazing time.

In our house we are decked out in Jays shirts, hats, and of course rally towels. Oliver, in particular, has gotten into the spirit. One day in his school planner his teacher wrote "Oliver was quite sad this morning because he had forgotten his Jays hat at home."

I still have fond memories of the '92 and '93 seasons. I remember my dad being onnnn-fire excited. He still wears his '92 shirt proudly, and we're pretty sure it's a good luck charm for Bautista.

The day before they won the World Series (game was on a Saturday I think!) I wrote this in my journal. Age 5. This was one of about 50 Jays-related entries.

I can't wait to see what this afternoon's game brings and the week to come. 

My wish list is:   that..
- Bautista hits a grand slam and somehow shows us all a bat throw even more epic than his last
- Donaldson gives us a bare hand catch that hits #1 in all the highlight reels
- Pillar continues to literally sacrifice his body for the sake of an impossible catch
- Encarnacion can basically do anything and it'll make me smile

Oh, and more Kawasaki interviews please.

What a time to be alive.

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