Pulled Pork Dinner

7:14 AM

For almost ten months I was working a steady shift of 7:45am - 5:15pm. It was pretty ideal.

Recently I've changed my routine to be working at all the hospital sites again, which means much earlier mornings.

When you're working 6am to 6pm, you do not want to walk in the door and think: what should I make for dinner?

Pulled pork is a life saver. I can even skip the step of searing the meat and just throw it in raw to the slow cooker with some salt, pepper, maybe cumin. Make sure there's some liquid at the bottom like apple cider or chicken stock. And then set it on low.

The result is this incredible fall-apart-on-your-fork meat that pairs well with so many things. If you make enough you can have leftovers for tacos, soup, pizza, sandwiches... the possibilities are endless.

I owe so many successful post-work dinners to the saving grace of pulled pork.

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