Outdoor Decor for Fall

6:23 AM

Calvin has been really excited about sprucing up our front yard and porch this year. Weeks ago we dug up about a foot on each side of our driveway and planted small boxwoods and then laid black mulch and set nice silver solar lights in. I think it looks pretty sharp.

We also swapped out our other flower situation for beautiful yellow mums.

Then, and I don't know the whole story behind this, Cal set up some dried corn stalks, a hay bale, and a medley of cute pumpkins on the porch.

My only contributions were a maple leaf wreath I'd made last year hung on our outdoor lantern light, and a dollar store raven that I just bought to scare people.

It's been nice to walk up to the house after a stroll around the neighbourhood and really get the autumn-vibes from our place.

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