My Problem with Under Eye Concealer

7:00 AM

This is a may-day all-call to my beauty-product-savvy friends out there.

As a self-proclaimed make-up-failure, I basically will buy and use anything that other people recommend, especially if it's a) natural b) affordable. 

Tarte Creaseless Concealer is certainly more a) than b) but it's not the priciest thing in the world either, because it lasts a while. You really only use a touch of it.

I do have a major under-eye problem, looking like I've been a sleepless coke-head until I get some make up on. I think it's just in my DNA.

So every day I put on my Tarte Creaseless Concealer and I love the results but it's soooo shiny. Take a look.

I look like I'm sweating it out from a half-marathon in Texas!

So, does anyone have a recommendation for either a different product (with similar coverage and no harsh chemicals please) or for a 2nd step where I fix the shine with something else?

Thank you!

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  1. Try setting your under eye concealer with a mineral powder. It'll double lasting power and should also take away the shine. I haven't used, but next on my purchase list......

    Just need a tiny fluffy brush and dust on the undereyes. Origins has never failed me and its pretty natural! Its a bit on the pricier range but if using just under the eyes should last a while. Hope that helps!

  2. Origins is lovely. I think I have their clay mask (or is it Boscia, shoot!) My birthday is in a week, I think I need to hint this to someone! OR CAN YOU ;)


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