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Sabrina Maulucci is the up-beat, always-smiling creative force behind Canadian apparel line, the OVer company, which specializes in fasionable pieces that do triple duty as a car-seat-cover / nursing-cover / shopping cart cover. Each cover is lovingly handmade in Canada with fabrics that are both durable and trendy. 

Recently I sat down with her to find out more about the OVer company.

How did you decide to start your own business?

I have been actually thinking about starting some kind of business for the last couple of years! I just didn’t know exactly WHAT kind of business I could start that would still keep my creative juices flowing and also be fun to do… the OVer company kind of happened by accident actually. I started making the OVers for baby gifts… and then people just started asking me to make some for them to buy for baby shower gifts. I had a few orders right after the first gifts I gave and then it was my husband who really encouraged me to make it official. I designed a logo that I would hand-draw onto the packaging I created for the first orders placed. My husband took the first step in ordering 350 woven labels so once those arrived, I had to start sewing!

What is the process from the time an order is placed until it shows up on someone's doorstep?I try to have a decent stock on had of all the different OVers available for order. Once the order is placed, the order form is printed, I package up the desired OVer with a white band that has the OVer logo on it (and material content and washing instructions) it goes into an envelope with a receipt and OVer postcard that has examples of how to use the product and then once the orders are all packaged up I go to the post office. I ship daily to ensure a speedy delivery. We send all of the orders that will be sent within Canada priority with tracking shipping! So the OVer will arrive to your door step in 2-3 business days… sometimes it arrives the next day. I take pride in have a quick turn around because I don’t think people really expect it to arrive so fast- I want my customers to be delighted in every way!

What is your process for choosing fashionable fabrics for your products?Honestly, I have been choosing fabrics that I am drawn to myself. I want to be 100% confident in the product I sell. I would never choose something I didn’t personally like but I try to stay up to season with the latest trends and I am now looking for my Spring Collection that will be launched in March 2016! 

How does social media play a role for you?Social media plays a HUGE role for me- Instagram and Facebook gives me the opportunity to connect with people all across the globe that I would never have the chance to interact with in person. I am a visual person- so I try to post photos that will attract people to my product. I have a vision of the brand I want to create and I try to make that happen through my instagram feed and on the website. Facebook also lets me have conversation with potential customers who have certain questions that I can answer right then and there for them! I love that. I love being accessible and that OVer customers are able to connect with a real person for real answers.

Who are some of your other favourite Canadian sellers?Ahhhh! I have SO many. Just to name a few….-MiniMoc, for baby apparel-The Wild Kids Apparel, for monochrome kids accessories (YAY!)-Mushybooks, modern baby books!-Kardz Kouture, all things stationary, prints and little home goods-The Swank Social, for party styling ideas! (my MOST favourite hobby!)…this list could really go on for days….!

Is the OVer company a one-woman show or do you have help?My husband helps me A LOT! He does whatever he can as far as ALL the website creating and design, He is my photographer and editor. He prints all the orders and sends out the confirmation of shipment emails and he is my biggest encourager! I would not be able to do what I do without him by my side. He really is the very best. Also, the orders are pouring in so I can’t even keep up to the sewing myself! It really is amazing how fast I needed help. I cut all the material, wash and dry it, then send it to my seamstress and when they are done, I pick them up and package them all and ship them out! I have been keeping her BUSY since she started sewing for me a couple weeks ago!!

Run me through the process of naming your business. What is the significance of "OVer"?One evening after a late night grocery trip, I was trying to come up with a good name for my “baby cover” business. I knew I wanted to have a V&O in the name somehow (my daughter’s names are Violet&Olive) and was thinking through my options… I thought -OH! cover has both of those letters in it… then when I was thinking I wanted the O&V to stand out in the name, I saw it in my head and just dropped the c…and there we have it, OVer! Right away I knew how I wanted it to look… as soon as I got home, I drew a little sketch of the logo I saw in my head and that is what I use now! 

How do you find the time to get everything done in a day?
My family is amazing. I am able to reply to emails and messages during the day from my phone which I don’t always have beside me but I do have the sound on so I have an idea of when an email/message is coming in and I try to answer those pending messages when Olive is down for a nap and Violet is either busy playing or doing crafts next to me. Violet is 3yrs old and really is a wonderful toddler that has a long attention span when it comes to crafting- like her mama!:) So I make sure to have lots of paint, markers, stickers and paper on hand for busy days! I also package up the orders and go to the post office during the day right after my husband gets home form work so he can spend time with the girls so I can focus on reaching my deadline (5pm when the post office sends the packages out!) Both my girls go to bed between 7-8 so after hey are in bed is when I will cut/wash fabric and finish up with emails and responding to unanswered emails/messages. Also, my mom and my grandma have come over a couple times to help me cut large amounts of fabric. seriously, I have the best family!

What is next for you, and for OVer?I would hope for growth! I just finished my wholesale price list so I am now open to retail orders which is so exciting! I have four retailers that have contacted me in the past month that I am now just waiting to hear back from… so I am hoping to get into a few stores and into more mama hands that I would not have been able to reach myself! smile emoticon

Quick Favourites:
Ice cream: Vanilla! (with fresh bananas and caramel…mmmmm!)
Book: Does my House&Home subscription count?
Date night: Dinner at Dolcetto, London, Ontario and a walk with a hot drink.
Starbucks drink: Morning= unsweetened iced coffee. Afternoon= Iced Soy Chai Latte.
Place to travel: Palm Springs, CA!
Down-time activity: Reading my design magazines and planning parties
Blog to follow: threelittlecrowns, theinspiredroom
Beauty must-have: mascara and lipgloss!
Activity with Olive: blowing raspberries on her belly and hearing her CRACK UP! She has the very best belly laugh.
Activity with Violet: Making up silly songs to princess tunes, any crafts and playing dress up!

To connect with Sabrina and the OVer company:
IG: @theovercompany | www.theOVer.co | facebook.com/theOVerco | theOVerco@icloud.com

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