Flower Crowns on Thanksgiving

6:36 AM

Every year for five years now, my family has taken a photo behind our Pond Mills home, with the gorgeous red- orange- and yellow- trees as the backdrop. 

It's been so cool to watch Oliver go from a newborn, to a one-year-old who can stand on his own in the photo, to a two-year old who needs to be reigned in just to get the photo taken, to a three-year old who wants to be the one directing the photo, to a now four-year old who could probably operate my SLR camera better than me. And now we have Dakota joining the shot, and my sister's boyfriend Marc too. 

This photo I'm sharing today was taken a few minutes later after my sisters and I realized we are all blonde at the same time. It's been a while for that because Sarah more often has red hair and I've flipped between dark and light blonde and even a lighter brown, as well as purple for a really short time. 

We whipped up these flower crowns with help from our florist mama. Each is a little different, and Sarah's is the same plant variety as our background so it pretty much camouflages, but all three of us are pretty happy to have a little bit of nature wrapped around our head.

For those curious, Sarah (left) is 23 years old. Angela (in the middle) turned 25 this summer, and I am the ripe old age of 27 - until next month!

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