An Amazing Restaurant I Found

7:09 AM

Okay, technically I didn't find this restaurant, my sister did. And she's a hero for doing so because I am truly obsessed.

That Crepe Place & Bakery in St. Thomas is a DO-NOT-MISS eatery. They specialize in both insanely delicious crepes, and gluten free baked goods. Both are top notch, to die for.

The crepes are in 3 categories: breakfast (think: bacon, salsa, cheese, avocado), lunch (like a whole Caesar salad stuffed in a crepe), or dessert (my fav was nutella, pecan, coconut whipped cream).

They are super affordable, are made so quickly, and will change your life.

I realize that St. Thomas is a 20-40 minute drive from London depending what end you're in (believe me, I'm in the north end and drive there for work - I get it) but this food is worth it.

Go today!

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