A love note to my stove

7:04 AM

When Calvin and I bought this home it was built for an electric stove. It was priority-uno for us to have a gas technician run a gas line to the kitchen. We both love cooking with gas, literally.

My sweet stove has given us hundreds of amazing meals. On top I keep a kettle, a skillet, and often a spicy candle.

Beside the stovetop is a little bucket filled with my wooden spoon collection. They're super safe for using with a cast iron skillet because they won't cause scratches like a metal one would, or melt like plastic!

I hang these simple grey and white kitchen towels, from Ikea, for the million times a day that I have to wipe up spilled water from the kitchen, or dry my hands after a scrubbing with Pumpkin Cupcake soap.

It may not always be 100% clean, but I love my gas stove.

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