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6:46 AM

I still have to pinch myself every time I think about Oliver being in JK.

Am I honestly a grown up now? (The answer is no.) I still feel like I myself am in school. Seriously, 27 years old is too young to mother a school aged child. Cannot handle the reality.

So, now I'm all "adult" and stuff, and need to pack school lunches every night. It's been a little bit fun, since I'm used to packing my own lunch which is like a package of ramen noodles & an unripe peach.

Here are some of the foods I've already included in Oliver's lunches (he's only been to school 3x so bear with me):

- turkey sandwich
- ham sandwich
- leftover cheese pizza (was so happy not to get a letter home from the teacher shaming me for this horrible choice)
- baby banana
- apple
- strawberries
- cherry tomatoes
- cucumber
- baby carrots
- babybel cheese
- marble cheese & Triscuits
- pepperettes
- pickles
- Goldfish crackers
- real fruit gummy snacks
- apple-oat granola bar
- carrot-peach sauce
- yogurt tube
- mini yogurt
- rice krispie square

Honestly, he ate all of that, and more. He only sent home a few cucumbers & carrots the one day, and Dakota was sure to eat those right up. As soon as I pull his lunch bag out of his backpack after school she grabs it to check if there are any leftovers. I love my little vacuum-baby.

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