August Photo Dump

7:34 AM

We all have that huge collection of photos sitting on our phone that never were posted. Sometimes I keep mine kicking around just to reminisce but so often I get a warning that the space on my iPhone is limited and I end up dumping everything on to my photo back up and never seeing it again. 

So here are some of the photos I took in August that never made the Insta-cut!

Here I am at the wedding of my brother- and sister- in law. That morning my mom-in-law and I drove to her hair stylist and had an appointment. While she got her hair done, I did my make up in the other mirror, and then while I got my hair done, mom-in-law had her make up time. I ended up doing it pretty quickly but I thought, if I'm going to spend all that time caking on concealer, etc. I might as well make sure there's a photo. So with a little assistance, Ollie took this one.

The dress is Donna Karan which I picked up (on Calvin's encouragement) while shopping in NY a few weeks prior. I bought two and then polled people for which would be better. For this dress I had to wear a 5-way bra with a cross at the front, it was very confusing, in fact I think it was a sixth way haha.

The morning after the wedding we had a brunch at Idlewyld Inn in the village. My parents were sweet enough to take Oliver and Dakota so we could enjoy a grown up meal. I posted my main on instagram (a smoked salmon & spinach eggs benny) but here are my starter and dessert.

Fontina and proscutto-wrapped asparagus, panko fried, with a fresh salsa and pea shoots.
Crepes suzette with oranges and caramel, and vanilla ice cream. Let's be honest, my favourite aspect is the coffeeeee.

We took a super spontaneous trip to the African Lion Safari. Spontaneous, as in, it was our exit on the highway and Cal said, "Wait would you rather go to the safari instead?" and as the kids yelled yes he veered back off of our exit. Not just last-minute... last-second.

Here is the most hilarious baboon in existence. While the others were lively and hopping on the roofs of every car in sight, this big Buddah was just chilling there, and making SUCH direct eye contact with me, I felt that I saw into his soul. It was like he was a human in a monkey body trying to tell me "I understand you." I'll never forget him.

I really loved this bison mama and baby which we nicknamed Amy and Ollie.

I greet this rabbit every morning and night when I arrive and leave work. He (or she!) sits by the fence and doesn't even scamper away when I walk down the sidewalk. I can get within inches of him/her (as you can see in the photo) and there's no panic.

I picked up a package of baby elastics for Dakota since she can officially wear pig tails now (there is nothing cuter in all the world). Oliver was adamant that he needed a pony too. This was the only area that I could make one work. On the way to baseball he asked Calvin if he was allowed to wear it to the game and Cal does "It does make you look more like a girl, just so you know" so he decided to take it out for the game and put it back in at home. We had a long talk about that at home after and he's well aware that we're ok with him doing whatever.

Calvin bought me this falafel pita and I could get over how huge it is. Pop can for scale.

This little guy hangs out on our sunflowers out front. These ones don't sting right? Because I get pretty close and personal when I come to say good morning.

This buddy was watching the kids play in the backyard.

Our wall of sunflowers is in full bloom. I can't wait to harvest the seeds (if I get them before the birds do!)

I never posted this snap from Oliver's birthday party but it makes me laugh so much. Dakota's just stealing Ollie's presents in her beautiful princess dress, and Oliver is dealing with his bossy mom trying to make him play a game that involves putting nylons over your face.

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