Have you tried these "top 100 foodie foods"?

8:08 AM

I came across this list of the top 100 "Foodie" foods and had to check out how many I'd tried.

Turns out I've had almost all of them! Here are some memories I have of each....

Banh Mi Thit -- Yes, although not a good, authentic one
Pho -- Yes, a number of times at Viet/Thai restaurants around town and then also a few months of my life that consisted of pho ramen bowls (the kind you just add hot water to) for lunch at work or school, daily
Country Pate -- Yes, including while pregnant (oops)
Coq Au Vin -- Yes, homemade
Moules Frites -- separtely but not together as a dish
Haggis -- No, maybe soon!
Sweetbreads -- No, but I would
Roasted Bone Marrow -- No, but I soooo would
Bagels and Lox -- Yes, this is a family favourite in our house
Pulled Pork -- A ka-trillion times, now that we have a smoker this will be a regular rotation item
Brisket -- Yes, actually we serve a nice one at my workplace, I always love the smell of it wafting into my office
Soft Shell Crab -- Yes, had a great one at a small seafood restaurant in Florida, I love how you just eat the whole thing, skeleton and all
Raw Oysters -- Yes, and now that Loblaws has an oyster bar for $1.29ea I may more often
Philly Cheese Steak -- Another hot item in our house, we do phillys with steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese and BBQ sauce a few times a month
Pastrami on Rye -- Yes, had a great one made by a co-worker not long ago, with sauerkraut, mmm!
Taco Lingua -- Nope, never had tongue at all
Paneer Butter Masala -- Yes, paneer is the best
Paella -- Yes, this was my go to at the buffets in Cuba, just watch out for shells!
Jerk Chicken -- Yes, we recently finished a bottle of authentic jerk paste from Barbados (thanks to my sister who did a placement there) - we also did jerk chicken satays for Dakota's first birthday party which had an "islands" theme
Key Lime Pie -- Yes, I remember making a really, really bush-league one on vacation once, out of ingredients we happened to have kicking around (like limes we'd just picked at an orchard, eggs that were for breakfast, sugar stolen from the lobby's coffee bar, and butter that came with someone's sandwich order earlier in the week!), it was way too eggy, but usually I make a good one
Huevos Rancheros -- Yes, the best one I had was at a Mexican place in Toronto before a hockey game
Gumbo -- Yes, I love
Goulash -- Yes, I love too
Gazpacho -- Yes, it's good when you're in the mood for it
Chicharones -- No, WHY NOT, I think I should attempt this recipe (so much work)
Fried Catfish -- Yes, a hole in the wall place in Florida had a combo platter of cat fish, alligator, frog and something else, maybe shark? Much enjoyed.
Dulce de leche -- Always. I like to make a homemade version from canned condensed milk
Clam Chowder -- Yes, much
Chile Relleno -- I think so...
Chicken and Waffles -- Oh yes, and a glorious gluten-free option once also
Lechon -- Yes and no, I've had a whole, roasted suckling pig before, on vacation, but I don't think it was done in the typical Lechon style
Spring Rolls -- Oh yeah, had some last weekend
Parma Ham -- Yes, Angelos used to carry it at their lunch bar and you could just grab a slice for like 20 cents, a friend taught me that - good tip
Roti Prata -- Yes, I went to a stirfry place in Chicago that would place roti on the side with your stirfry, I thought that was interesting
Laksa -- Probably, I've had a number of spicy Chinese-influenced seafood soups but I don't always know the name of what I'm eating
Bulgogi -- Kind of! I make this at home with leftover beef all the time, but I thought the recipe was my own creation until I realized it was basically a spot on bulgogi
Crepe nutella -- Yes, there's an awesome crepe place in St. Thomas near where I work and I've had their nutella crepe
Gyoza -- Yes, homemade that actually turned out quite well - gluten free!
Fried Chicken -- Yes yes yes, Calvin is so good at knowing when it's done frying even though it's a tricky thing to gauge
Fish n Chips -- Yes
Satay -- Yes, 2 nights ago in fact
Kimchi -- I think I have but can't remember a specific instance
Massaman Curry -- I don't know!
Peking Duck -- Yes
Dim Sum -- Yeah there was an inexpensive dim sum place near my highschool that I frequented
Som Tam -- I think so if this is that shredded papaya salad
Pad Thai -- Only a million times
Poutine -- So much, this was a common lunch my mom would make if my sisters and I came home for lunch during elementary school, we went nuts for it, always Swiss Chalet gravy
Kobe Beef -- Yes, Cal and I love to buy the kobe burgers when they're available at Loblaws
Caviar -- Yes, can't remember specifically where
Montreal Smoked Meat -- Yep, even in Montreal at that one famous place
Bangers and mash -- Yes, we do this quite a bit for dinner
Easy Shepherd's Pie -- As opposed to challenging Shepherd's Pie? I've had just run-of-the-mill SP...
Arepas -- Yes. Love. Favourite place - the Mexican convenience store on Dundas (Mercado Latino)
Ceviche -- Yes, my dad ordered this blindly in Florida one night, he liked it
Souvlaki -- This week even
Mexican Street Corn -- Not in Mexico (I've only been "off the resort" once in Mexico and got a coffee, not street corn) but I've made a similar thing at home on the BBQ
Empanada -- Yes yes yes, want one right now
Poke -- No
Lobster Roll -- Yes but not at McDonalds or Subway ha ha
Sichuan Hot Pot -- Yes!
Samosa -- Mmm, yes, a nurse at work made homemade ones to share a week or two ago
Tagine -- Yes, obviously not homemade though :)
Bao -- Kind of! I've made my own version at a buffet using their steamed buns
Tamales -- Yes, same story as the ceviche, my dad ordered it not knowing what it was
Currywurst -- No! Had curry, had wurst, not currywurst!
Schnitzel -- Yes, delish
Mango & Sticky Rice -- Separately for sure, but can't remember if I've had them together
Churrasco -- Oh yeah, legit churrasco in Brazil
Creme Brûlée -- Yes
Beignets -- Not real New Orleans ones, YET, but a trip is planned
Po'Boy -- Yes, shrimp, yesss!
Muffaletta -- Yes, like a homemade version
Cioppino -- I don't think so
Lowcountry Boil -- Yes
Fish Taco -- Course, I've had them at the most popular fish taco place - Wahoo in So-Cal.. I think Mailbu
Baklava -- Yes, missed out on it this year at Opa Fest because it was raining
Osso Buco -- Yes
Risotto -- Yes, make it all the time
Tagliatelle al ragù -- Yes
Geoduck -- No!
Scallops -- Yes, love ordering them at a restaurant
Calamari -- Yes, Cal and I discovered the calamari is nice at Beertown so we order it often as an app to share
Baba Ghanoush -- Yes, bought and homemade
Falafel -- Yes, a favourite
Pork Belly -- Yes
Shrimp and Grits -- Yes, I keep cornmeal around just in case I get a craving for it
Boudin -- I don't think so
Jambalaya -- Yep, a restaurant called Jambalaya in London makes a great one
Italian Beef -- Yes
Corned Beef and Cabbage -- Yes, makes the house smell great ha ha
Yorkshire Pudding -- Yes, I used to make these a lot when I was a dietary planner for the YMCA
Challah Bread -- Yes
Matzo Ball Soup -- I actually don't think I have!
Hummus -- Naturally..
Ratatouille -- Yes!
Foie gras -- I'm sure I have but I can't remember the details
Clafouti -- Yeah I made one 2 days ago and have the leftovers in the fridge right now, rainier cherry
Cassoulet -- Yes
Mac and Cheese -- ... Yes ...

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