17 month / 47 month update

8:38 AM

Next month when the kids are 1.5 and 4 years old I think I'll switch to doing updates every 6 months. I just have trouble thinking up enough stuff to write every 30 days!

Dakota's biggest update is that she's a huge joker. Here are her 3 top jokes:
1. When a dog, dinosaur, lion etc growls on TV she walks on up with pure attitude and one finger out like she's going on scold them and then growls back. She knows it's funny because she looks at me.
2. She likes to pull the Bible away when I'm reading it to her and open it over her face and tell "Anyone? anyone? Mama?" Like she's trying to call out for help from being buried.
3. She will wave at someone walking a dog and if they wave back she shakes her head no and then points at their dog. It's the best one.

Here is Oliver's update:

He is so amazing. 

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