What are my needs?

8:38 AM

I have linked to her blog before, but I must yet again credit www.feedingthesoil.com for this post.

Sara is such a mindful woman and she's always pausing to collect and plan for the time ahead. Recently she made herself a list of needs, broken down into how often they came up. I thought that was such a genius move, so I made one myself.

What are your needs?

  • 8 hours of sleep
  • A few unrushed minutes to get myself ready for the day
  • Three full meals, of which at least 1 or 2 are healthy
  • Lots of water
  • One coffee
  • Time to really talk with my husband
  • Quality time with both of my children
  • Meaningful tasks to complete at work or home
  • Uninterrupted time to read emails or catch up on social media, to relax
  • Clothing options that I feel good in
  • A somewhat de-cluttered environment, never a full load of clean dishes and a full load of clean laundry at once
  • A few unrushed minutes to get myself ready for bed, and for the next morning
  • Enough gas in the tank to get me where I’m going (seriously, I can't function when my car's tank is close to empty: it makes me so paranoid)
  • An evening to spend with Calvin, just the two of us
  • A church service or at least podcast
  • Reading for enjoyment
  • A long walk outside or other outdoor exercise
  • Time to connect with family over a good meal
  • Time listening to music, time listening to comedy
  • A fun get-together with close friends
  • A planned activity with the children at a fun location (Kidscape, library, cooking class)

  • Time at home by myself – Calvin taking the kids on a day-trip to see family, etc.
  • Family travel to somewhere warm
  • Time to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the upcoming year

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