Starting Life Long Learning Young!

5:44 AM

My sweet Oliver might be only three years old but he's already had a ton of learning opportunities. I never want to turn into that mom who has their children in like 7 different after school activities and never lets them have a break, but I do think if a one-time class or chance to learn comes up, I'll definitely offer it to Ollie (or Dakota when she's old enough).

So far, in his little life, Oliver has experienced:

- Intro to Guitar at JAF Guitar School with Pete Jafelice

- Preschool Skating for Hockey - an 8 week course at Carling Arena

- PC Cooking School - Crazy for Cinnamon class

- Earth Rangers - a program that teaches him about saving animals and the environment

- LegoMasters - at the Toronto LegoLand Discovery Centre

- Home Depot - How to build a truck

I like to keep track of these things in case one day he becomes a famous guitar player/ hockey player/ chef/ environmentalist/ Lego engineer/ carpenter... and I can look back and say, Hey I supported that!

Hopefully this list can give you some ideas if you have a little ones at home who would enjoy a learning opportunity. There are also great classes at the Museum.

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