Lately I've Been...

1:35 PM

Lately I’ve Been…

Making: a ton of homemade greeting cards. From Fathers Day (x3 for Cal, my Dad, Cal's dad) to Mothers Day (x2) and then a lot of birthdays in a row for Cal's family. Then his brother gets married soon (so that plus showers) and then my sister's birthday, and Oliver's. My construction paper and black sharpie are like, Calm Down & stop googling fonts.

Cooking: bacon really well. I've known for a while that doing it in a pan yields a curled up mess, but even on a cookie sheet I didn't quite get it right. What I know now is: 400 degrees. Put the bacon in while it's still cold, and leave it way longer than I think. Then place it on paper towels and let it cool off a little. Perfect crispy bacon.

Drinking: A lot of coffee. This is not just a 'lately' this is a 'since the dawn of time'. But something more recently is these PC juice & veggie blends. I've tried the orange one (cannot remember what's in it at the moment), the purple one (purple carrot & black currant) and the red one is in my fridge now (beet & something).

Reading: only magazines! I haven't had a chance to hit the library in a few weeks. Terrible.

Wanting: a Monday night with no rain please. Calvin's baseball keeps getting rained out. No thanks, mother nature.

Looking: at my new Kate Spade purse. But not actually using it. My closet might become a Kate Spade Purse Museum.

Playing: the Transformers app for iPhone. The game gets your points (actually dollars I think) when you have a good round, and you can spend them on unlocking new Transformers, but Oliver gets frustrated with earning like 50 bucks a round when new Transformers cost 500+ so he gets me to beat a few levels really well to add to the bank.

Wasting: energy on using air conditioning and an open window while driving. Sorry.

Wishing: I had weekends off.

Enjoying: when I get to sleep in*. *Please note: sleep in= 7:00am.

Waiting: for our 2 cottage weeks this summer! It's going to be awesome to spend our days swimming, hiking, making great meals... I love the cottage.

Liking: Schitt's Creek. A friend recommended it on Netflix and I think it's pretty funny.

Wondering: which federal party will get elected. I hear NDP is in the lead.

Loving: loaded fries. My current obsession is baked fries + taco meat + cheese sauce + diced tomatoes + chopped green onion. Sometimes sour cream. OH BABY.

Hoping: that my first ever cooking class goes well on Monday. I've taught cooking classes before but not at the Southwest Centre. We've been growing a garden here with the clients and they're ready to learn how to make a healthy & satisfying salad out of their fresh lettuce. It should be awesome! Later this summer I'm going to teach them how to make salsa.

Needing: more t-shirts that are work appropriate, but cover up if I haven't shaved my arm pits. Can't I just have it all?

Wearing: an eyebrow pencil colour more suitable for my hair colour. I had used the same colour since like age 10 just because it's what my mom has always bought, but I picked one up for dark blonde hair and I'm like WHOA, I can actually fill in my eye brows as much as I want and I don't look like Cara Delevigne.

Following: Chrissy Teigen, is that her name? She posts great food photos on instagram.

Noticing: that I own a lot of black, white and grey clothes. I have colours in my closet, but when I actually fold the laundry I'm like.. yikes. This is bad.

Knowing: that if Oliver has a drink before bed, he willllll pee during the night. But I still let him. I'm so dumb and I do so much laundry.

Thinking: about what I'm going to eat for dinner. I believe it'll be steak, pepper & mushroom quesadillas.

Feeling: hyper from having 2 coffees and a tea today.

Bookmarking: all Aquafaba recipes. I have a can of chickpeas in the cupboard ready to use!

Opening: my wallet for all the expenses of owning a car! Those freaking licence plate stickers drive me crazy.

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