Highs and Lows - first fortnight of June

11:57 AM

Well, well, well, we're edging up to the second weekend in June. As the saying goes, time sure does fly. I'm not even sure if I can yet be convinced that it's 2015. Wasn't I just yesterday getting used to writing 2000 instead of 1999?

Here are some of the highest highs and lowest lows of the past two weeks.

High: Celebrating my mother in law's birthday. We had a really great night eating burgers and sausages, ending the night with fresh, local strawberries from Heeman's (where I buy my plants). The kids were in super good moods and played the evening away. Oliver rode Calvin's old tricycle for hours.

Low: Dakota bopping her head and getting a "goose-egg". Poor babe, she bumped her precious coconut and had a little bump for a few days. It happened right before we went to Costco so I was self concious that every person there was giving me the side-eye.

High: The BBQ is back up and running. For a week or two we had a broken gas hose but Calvin bought a replacement and during my garage sale my dad installed it. (I tried to, but the old one was on so tight!)

Low: Our stroller's tires are really, really flat. And it makes it impossible to push.

High: Having five days off in a row! Those stretches are always a blast. (I secretly totally check my work email though, just to keep up.)

Low: A ton of our garden's lettuce has been snagged by some animal. Hope he's enjoying it! (He, OR she, sorry.)

High: Our new pendant lights have come in. Now we just need to install them. I can't wait to see how they look.

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