Staff coffee break party!

1:45 PM

I have such fun working at the Southwest Centre but sometimes get a bit bummed out if I'm stuck in the Food and Nutrition department all day (it's in the windowless basement!) 

Luckily, I recently connected with our building's secretary and found out that they needed a host for the monthly "staff coffee break party" which rotates departments and allows everyone from the whole hospital to hang out and meet each other.

Because Food and Nutrition is a smaller department, we teamed up with our buddies in Environmental Services who also work out of the basement. It was a great opportunity for the glorious people of the naturally-lit, sun-soaked upper floors, to come socialize in the dungeon with us celldwellers ;)

We brewed a bazillion cups of coffee - Fire Roasted Coffee of course - put out half n half, raw sugar, disposable mugs, plates, spoons, napkins, etc. and tons of goodies all homemade! We also had a hand drawn banner & some gorgeous flowers thanks to my mom.

Here I am ready to welcome the masses to our coffee party.

Team bosses! Here I am with the Environemental Services leader, Dino. His team helped us a lot by bringing in tons of good food, and by moving tables around.

We set up camp in the long hallway and were glad for the space because we have tons of staff come join us. We estimate 100 people! At the time of this photo there were about 35.

I brought bacon-chocolate-peanut butter tarts and they were a big hit. And the coffee was delicious. We only had one security officer make it down, so when things were wrapping up we made a big plate of goodies and brought it up to their security station, especially for the night crew.

The banner says Welcome from Environmental Services and Food and Nutrition Services. Then it has a coffee mug that defies physics.

It was sure a good change from the usual lonely basement! So fun to have people from all areas hanging out and enjoying a treat.

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