Garden Line Up 2015

9:10 AM

It's going to be a good year for gardening my friends. If you haven't already read my tutorial for building super affordable cedar beds, go there now!

Oh and you can also check out my Garden Vision that I wrote a month or two ago - I'm curious to see how closely I stuck to it.

So here's what we have...

In the front we built a small decorative garden of "fireworks" grass (which is light purple and stunning) and pale blush-coloured Gerbera daisies. We also made a large black planter with a tall grass for the porch. Then we planted like 10 - 15 Mammoth sunflowers along our fence that runs across the front-side of our property. They are already growing very fast so we can't wait to see how big they get.

And then the back. This is where I get excited! I have three beds and I tried to be somewhat strategic with what I planted together.

Bed 1 is closest to the house so it has all the "pick it and go" dinner type items like lettuce and herbs. It has sage (from plant), cilantro, basil, parsley (from seed), 3 lettuces (romaine, green leaf, buttercrunch, all from plant but the bunnies are kind of helping themselves to it...), spinach (from plant), peas (from both plant and seeds saved from last year) and chives (from plant).

Bed 2 has all the summer and winter squash (a mix of seed and plant), tomatoes and cherry tomatoes (all from plant), carrots (from seed), and onions, potatoes and garlic (from kitchen waste).

Bed 3 has cucumbers (from plant), all the fruit (melon, watermelon, pumpkin, strawberries, raspberries, all from plant and the raspberries are from Bethany's grass!), and it has more that I can't remember. Shoot dang it. BROCCOLI! How could I forget.

We are super excited to get harvesting!

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  1. Hi, Amy! I am really enjoying your blog - especially your recent posts on our mental health system as I'm back in school for clinical psychology. You are always spot on.

    I am completely new to the gardening world and really have no idea where to begin, and made more difficult as I live in a high-rise condo with no yard. I am wondering if it possible to plant veggies on my balcony (south facing). That sounded even more bizarre as I typed it. I'm unsure what to plant & space required due to drainage - where does it go - and how much space is required for roots, etc. As you can tell, I'm lost. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!

  2. Hey Kyla: I am glad you're enjoying those (you might be the only one - haha!) Are you planning to study forensic mental health in any way? I wonder if we could get you out for a tour of the Southwest Centre - it's very interesting.

    South facing is the best balcony to have for gardening. Coverage-wise, does it get a lot of sun? How many hours in a day? Some plants needs more space (think, potatoes which grow down into the soil) and some not as much (lettuce, spinach, peas). If you lay rocks or wood chips in the bottom of your container it'll definitely help with drainage. You could put a plate under, or some pots will come with bases. Just make sure your pot has holes in the bottom. I'd definitely recommend tomatoes and herbs, as they're fun ones to grow and you get lots of harvest satisfaction. Keep me updated!

    1. Thanks, Amy! Really appreciate this. Part of our balcony almost never gets sun, but the remaining gets about 4-5 hours of sun a day. I think I'll start with tomatoes and some herbs that we frequently use as a test this year and see how they fair (or how I fair, at least).

      And yes, actually! I haven't selected one area to focus on yet. I thought I had, and then I took more classes and decided I hadn't quite done enough research to make a decision quite yet. . I've narrowed my general interests to forensic psychology and oddly, the connection between humour and general mental health (specifically with a focus on depression). I'm hoping to potentially involve both; I'm still crafting a creative way to bring the two concepts together in a way that I can study. I would love to tour Southwest Centre!

    2. Let me look into the policies around bringing someone in for a tour & I'll get back to you. It's a bit of a drive for a quite look around but if you do want to, and it's possible on our end, let's do it! Should I write you on here, or email?

  3. If it's possible, I'm up for it! It's easiest to shoot me an e-mail :

    Thanks, Amy!


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