My garden vision 2015

9:00 PM

This year it's a whole new ballgame for me because I'm at a new house that has NO GARDEN. The joys of a new build!

Calvin and I love the idea of raised garden beds. It looks clean and neat, and it's great for the plants because the soil keeps warm and can retain water but also drain. It ends up extending the season of your garden which is great for an Ontario gardener!

I'd like to make three 1.5'x4.5' cedar beds that are 8" high and fill with an organic 3-in-1 soil. I may go steal some worms from my mom's house too. I'm sure her garden has enough to share.

I'm also planning a small flower patch out front by our porch.

So far my plan is to grow a good variety of veggies out back, along with a few fruits, and in the front I'll grow mainly ornamental things, or I guess dual-purpose (like lavender and sunflowers since they're also good for culinary purposes.)

Based on the idea of companion planting, I'm thinking I'll plant as follows...

Bed 1: Tomato, cherry tomato, broccoli, chives, garlic, onions
Bed 2: Snap peas, cucumbers, lettuce, parsley, rosemary, dill, potatoes
Bed 3: Squash, zucchini, berries, radish, spinach, sweet potato

That way each bed has a mix of large or trailing items, as well as underground veggies.

In the front I'd like to grow: sunflowers, lavender, and cool-weather daisies if possible. I'd like to plant fruit trees but I'd rather save that for a house that we're sure we'll live in for 10+ years.

I want to incorporate succulents in some way, but they just seem so small in a front garden. They're almost more of a desk plant, if you know what I mean. I just love the look of a faerie garden. Like this:

What are your garden plans for 2015?

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