Mother's Day Gift Guide

11:20 AM

You have to love Google. I typed in "when is Mother's Day" and it came back in huge print, no need to click a link, IT'S SUNDAY MAY 10! Thanks Google. Not to mention there's a full May calendar sitting right beside me as I type, that actually has Mother's Day noted on it. Brain-to-oatmeal conversation complete.

So, being a mom I naturally forgot when Mother's Day is. Not that I'd miss an opportunity to celebrate my own mother, but when it comes to something celebrating me it's not exactly the first thing on my mind. (For the record, the first thing on my mind is: does Dakota need to go up a size in diapers?/ does Oliver need an earlier bed time?/ haha that's hilarious/ coffee.)

Mother's Day really is a special thing. It is so important to take a day to tell the significant moms in our lives that we love and appreciate them!

I have the distinct joy of not having to drop hints around early May about what I want for Mother's Day (if I remember that it's coming) because I pretty much want the same thing every year. since 2011, a GARDEN CENTRE SHOPPING SPREE. This is the most fun gift ever. Really, plants are only around $2 or under so it doesn't get too crazy but I really do go in there and get everything I want with no limits. It's a BLAST.

So that's one idea for you.

Or, how about this gorgeous metal Starbucks card? It is made of metal and ceramic and comes in a nice box, pre-loaded with $50. It's only a low price of $200. .... Yes, $200. WHAT? This made me laugh.
Limited-Edition Mother’s Day Premium Starbucks Card

Something nice and relaxing that you could get for the mom in your life is one of Honest Company's new candles. And hey, right now if you're going to get a bundle any way (as long as it's your first one) the candle is FREE. It comes in an 8oz recycled glass container and is made from non-GMO soy and essential oils. Click here for the deal:
Free Aromatic Soy Candle with first bundle purchase with promo code CANDLE4MOM at checkout, valid 4/27-5/10

Lastly, what about a kit of totally natural and long lasting Norwex products? My friend Joy was recently talking to me about how they can totally help busy moms. She said "Norwex significantly reduces the time and effort required for regular household tasks. Plus, it's environmentally friendly - no more paper towels for all those sticky juice spills! Not only does it make the cleaning that you do easier, kids get excited about Norwex too! Can you imagine your kids fighting over who gets to mop the floor? or dust the furniture? Instead of it being a dreaded chore, many moms find that their kids love to help clean with Norwex!" Definitely a cool gift idea and if you agree go to to find someone who sells it near you!

I might need Google to help me remember what day it's on ("Siri, please remind me to buy my mom a gift on Saturday May 9 at 2pm") but I won't forget that there are tons of sweet gift options out there and our mamas are worth it!

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