Winter Sluggishness Tips

6:49 AM

Guys, it's February. But, at least here in Ontario, it's like as FEBRUARY as it gets. It's cold, it's dark, it's damp, it's depressing. I am leaving on a tropical vacation in ONE MONTH and I can't wait.

I have eight tips for battling the winter blues... you know that, sluggish, sad feeling you get when spring is around the corner (it is, right?) and you just feel "blah"?

Try one or more of these:
  1. Exercise: physical activity gives your body a much needed boost by increasing blood flow which carries oxygen and nutrients through your body. In a study, one 20 minute work out on a stationary bike (low intensity) decreased fatigue by 65% in subjects. Try looking at fitness instagram accounts for inspiration.
  2. Get some sun: it's no wonder we feel low, our vitamin D is! Schedule a tropical vacation in the middle of winter, or at least make it a point to spend some time outside during peak hours. There are also special lights available for this exact purpose.
  3. Eat some super foods: anything with essential fats like nuts, seeds, fish and coconut oil will battle the winter blues. Also important: vitamin C, the B's and potassium, so up your intake of fresh fruits and veggies. I know it's not exactly salad season but your brain and emotions will thank you.
  4. Rule out thyroid disorder or other conditions: let your doctor know how you're feeling and see if they can spot any reasons in your blood work. If it's a year round feeling, it's not the winter blues.
  5. Eliminate draining foods: diets heavy in gluten, dairy and sugar can be taxing on your body's energy levels. High intake of alcohol and caffeine do the same. PS Did I actually just try to villanize coffee? Shame on me.
  6. Get tested for food intolerances: one of the biggest symptoms of food intolerance is fatigue! If you'd like a recommendation for someone who can help you with this, I know just the person.
  7. Try yoga or meditation: while it seems counter-intuitive to attempt to relax when you're already tired, quieting your mind can be amazing for awakening your energy. The key is to not fall asleep while doing it!
  8. Try a supplement: the most popular supplements for boosting energy are b-vitamin complex, omega 3-6-9 and co-enzyme Q-10, but even a multi should be a great place to start.
I hope this list will help someone out there turn into a peppy version of themselves!

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