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1:32 PM

Wow, many days ago a blog I read posted "the Questions of the Day". Just now I am getting around to answering them. Such is the life of a busy person... when I have things in my iPhone reminders list like "brush hair". Seriously, brush hair. I have a stack of cardboard boxes in my garage as tall as my husband (OF FIVE YEARS! TODAY! Happy Anniversary Calvie!) full of books that need to go away. And downstairs, I have an empty bookshelf that I'm slowly filling with yogurt containers after I finish eating them, and pieces of the Christmas tree that fell off and didn't get picked up with the vacuum. Oh dear. One day!

What are you into lately?
Eating raw fruits and veggies. I'll have a less elusive update later, but let's just say I have been getting my greens! Also, crafts... Reddit... whole wheat english muffins with butter... "flavoured coffees" (not with syrup, like the ones that smell good while you brew - which is really weird for me)... Attempting to be better at small talk... Remembering to turn on my driving lights... Have indoor shoes and outdoor shoes. There, that's my horrible list.

Celeb on Instagram?
I don't know if I've really been on enough lately to choose. I like following Angela from the Office, she has some funny things to say and she's easy to relate to. Oh, and Chelsea Peretti! That's an easy choice.

Just a little wine. Little cider. And something my mom told me to try which is good: 1 oz of Bailey's in hot water, like tea. Very yummy and soothing.

Food Indulgence? 
Extra butter. Isn't that always my indulgence? I can't say mayo, I ran out a while ago and haven't replaced. Lindt Lindor chocolates; I have yet to successfully eat only 1 in a sitting. Always two or more.

Beauty products? 
Tarte Creaseless Concealer. Lise Watier mascara. Sephora brand blush/bronzer/highlighter. Boscia BB Cream.

Way to wind down?
A movie with Calvin. Nothing beats it. If he's busy: Reddit. Ha ha.

Piece of jewelry?
Just my usual rings, my wedding & engagement, and my 'which side did I nurse on last' ring. I wore earrings for a week or two then I realized Dakota is constantly playing with them. No thanks. I'll wear earrings when she turns 5.

Ha ha, updated to add: I lied! I did answer these questions. On October 1st. Then some how it was saved in my To Post / Drafts. So, voila, my answers 4 months later. Wonder how much has changed.

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