My Workouts This Week

10:25 AM

One side effect to following a long list of "health" blogs is that I'm inundated with posts about fitness. I hear enough about fitness from my in laws (who are amazing!) and I simply have to pass by any blog post that seems to mention a workout. Mark. As. Read. Every time.

But, in the name of well-roundedness (seriously, I'm getting flash backs to grade 12 when the guidance counsellor would continually push how Universities look for "well-roundedness"... not true) I present to you, Amy's Workouts this Week.


Haul butt to get both kids' winter jackets, mittens, hats and boots on, then lug them out to the car, pull off their jackets and strap them in their respective car seats.
Battle with Dakota to put her soother in so she'll stop crying (she hates the car seat).
Arrive at doctor's office, and reverse the above workout, only this time they are both asleep. I open the trunk and pull out the stroller, unfold it, lock it, and put Oliver in. Then I slip a ring-sling over my winter jacket and pop Dakota in. I support her with one hand while manoeuvring the stroller with the other, in between opening doors and elevators, and balancing a large purse which I really shouldn't have brought but it contains my health card, money to pay at the parking meter, and Dakota's diapers just in case.
Entertain them in the examination room, where they both inevitably wake up, wanting to be entertained, with only the most expensive of medical equipment.
And then do it all over again to get them home.


I worked from our downtown site, on a special project, which meant I spent 15-20 minutes utterly lost, until our organization's spiritual advisor (which I recognized from an e-newsletter) flagged me down and gave me a guided tour of where I was going. No, seriously, I was sweating by the end.


Instead of working out I just went to a friend's "Valentines Girls' Night" party and ate cookies.


Why can't I remember what I did on Thursday? Like, the entire day is a blank.

Friday - Sunday

Leave the house at 6-something and get back home at 6-something. Spend the whole day at work walking around for various reasons. Take the stairs only half the time, due to laziness.
Bonus points: I white-knuckled it driving home because of snow squalls. Burned 650 calories.

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