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I've always admired parents who try to set a life direction for their children. Not a plan, or a guideline, or anything that will leave them feeling either manipulated, controlled, or embarrassed if they didn't succeed in what you hoped for: just an overlying message to encourage their ways. 

A mantra, if you will.

I'm not a die-hard Astrology follower, but I am often impressed at how reliable their profiles are for various types. Not the ones that are week specific in the newspaper, but the tried and true explanations of a certain type, that don't change, like Scorpios being intense and mysterious (that's me!)

Dakota is an Aquarius, and the most interesting thing about that sign is that they are natural philanthropists. This means, I need to get a head start on being ready for her to travel the world and help those in need. It's a quality I'm sure is in her and I'd love to help grow. Of course I don't look forward to ever saying goodbye to her for any length of time, but I know that if her help is needed overseas, she needs to listen to that desire and do it! So for Dakota, we chose the mantra "Follow your heart". This is also important to me because as a woman she needs to listen to her instincts and make right choices about who she is and what she does. If someone doesn't respect her in a relationship she needs to follow her heart away from that person, in order to guard her heart. If someone doesn't seem exactly her type, but it's really who she's meant to be with, she needs to follow her heart right to them. She's going places this one!

Oliver is a Leo, and his animal is a lion. He's intense and powerful and a born leader. The charming, successful politicians you see are usually Leos. Oliver, even at this age, gets things done. If he doesn't want to clean up after playing, he won't, but my goodness if he thinks that cleaning up is the right thing to do, this kid will make sure the place is spic & span, and in record time. I can definitely see him being a person to make changes and spearhead action, and champion important causes when he's older. In fact, I can see him doing amazing things and making a difference in our world, in a leadership role, in the next few years, like one of these children who start an organization before entering high school. He an extremely quick witted and bright thinker. Ollie's mantra is: "You'll move mountains". We hope that no barriers get in his way to making changes and changing the world!

We got these pieces for their rooms from Hobby Lobby in the States.

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