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So, recently I was noticing that a patch of skin on my hand has been particularly dry, and cracking, for a while. It tends to get worse with cold weather, but never perfectly heal up. I tried to think of how long it had been that way, and my mind was blown when I realized that I have a memory of thinking "Darn, that dry skin on my hand really hasn't gone away" around the time I was applying for the job I currently work. That means it's been a problem since at least Spring 2013. Almost two years ago! That's when I began researching what could cause this and I believe I have a (pretty mild) case of eczema.

I didn't take a picture of it at its worst, but here's something I found online that looks quite similar:

Naturally, I got to work on what extra steps I can take to be rid of it. I've already tried applying natural hand creams, and making sure it stays out of the harsh cold weather. 

Then I realized: I have two incredible solutions at my finger tips.

Solution 1: The Honest Company Organic Healing Balm

Organic Healing Balm

I have this within reach of Dakota's changing table so that I can apply a little on her if her skin looks irritated. It always clears up right away. I also have a travel size in my purse, accidentally because I thought I'd thrown my sample size hand cream in, but then noticed how nice it is on my chapped lips and kept it. I began applying the balm when I think of it, so every time I'm near Dakota's change table or riffling through my purse, and I've noticed immediate improvement.

I believe it's helping because of its ingredients: a blend of sunflower, olive and coconut oil (pretty average for a natural cream or balm) with beeswax, shea butter and non-GMO vitamin E (also very commonplace) but with added tamanu oil, calendula extract and chamomile oil! The last three ingredients are key. I'm a huge fan of tamanu oil: it's one of those miracle products that I just want to suggest for every ailment (much like Oliver's broccoFusion ointment). I've used it on my face, hands, body and hair. 

The balm is also certified organic, and the company uses no animal testing. I love that.

Solution 2: Breast milk

I've been applying a little and I think it's an awesome way to go too. I have used it for eye infections, ear infections and mastitis (much to my children's complaining). It's just an easy way to treat things, for free! I will be sad the day this isn't an option any more.

Speaking of the Honest Company, here are two other great winter products that I'm hoping to try really soon:

Sea Salt and Sugar Body Scrub
Sea Salt + Body Scrub

There's no better feeling than getting out of the shower and being so moisturized.

Organic Body Oil

Organic Body Oil
This I'd love to use right after stepping out of the shower and wanting something to quickly coat over my skin so it doesn't get dry. It also has chamomile and calendula (like the healing balm) so if there's any issue with irritation from shaving or other bath products, it would help to calm and soothe that problem. I think I could use this on Ollie or Dakota's skin after a bath too.

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