21 days of salads

9:34 AM

Recently Calvin and I decided to challenge ourselves to eating salad for dinner, for 21 days.

We learned that when we are at home eating salad for dinner is a lot easier than eating salad when you are out for dinner. We also learned that we are out for dinner a lot.

Here are the results:

Day 1: chopped kale salad with chicken and cranberries
Day 2: chicken Caesar with bacon
Day 3: taco salad with tomato, avocado and ground beef
Day 4: garden salad with cucumbers and tuna cakes
Day 5: in Toronto
Day 6: just home in time to eat some leftovers & then Cal had hockey
Day 7: salad with grilled steak and chimichurri sauce, goat cheese and red onion
Day 8: Cobb salad with ham and boiled egg
Day 9: cold quinoa salad with avocado and chorizo (this was soooo good!)
Day 10: souvlaki salad (chicken satay, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, feta, tzatiki)
Day 11: Buffalo chicken and romaine salad
Day 12: out
Day 13: out
Day 14: friend came over bearing pizza, couldn't resist
Day 15: out
Day 16: chicken Caesar
Day 17: Buffalo chicken and romaine
Day 18: leftovers
Day 19: out
Day 20: planned to be out but then some of us were sick so stayed home and winged it with what was in the house which ended up being shrimp and grits
Day 21: out in replacement of Day 20

So it looks like we only had 11 days of salad but we tried! And our groceries were glorious -- basically just fresh produce with a few extra items for protein. I had fun!

How would your family do on the 21 day salad challenge?

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