Ollie & Koko Update! She's 1! He's still 3.5!

9:19 AM

I suppose even though I did a "Happy Birthday Dakota" post, it's still important I write an update. After I do have TWO kids. We shan't forget all the happenings in the world of Mr. Oliver Wolfe.

The kids have been well: they are transitioning to the fact that now Mommy & Daddy both go to work in the morning. They are watched by my mom, Cal's mom or our wonderful nanny/friend Laura. Oliver announced two days ago at 6:45am, with his arms out to the sides, "NOBODY IS GOING TO WORK TODAY. NOBODY." It's definitely hard to leave them, but they're in good hands. 

Oliver is still quite obsessed with "inventing". It's ruining our home. We find piles and piles of electronics ("Leck-ronics") plugged into each other, often in correct pathways but definitely sometimes not. We haven't lost anything to an incorrect voltage yet, but it's almost certain we will at some point. If you have any spare usb cords, or things with usb ports that cords could plug into, please consider donating to the Oliver Thinks He's the Main Character From Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Fund Inc. When he's not inventing, he always says hilarious things ("I want to marry Abby because she gives warm hugs, and we have true love, and she is easy to hide things from") and he is beginning to be a better eater. It's not that he's picky, in fact he recently asked Laura if she could make him a salad because he was hungry, and ate sushi like a champ, he just doesn't have time for eating. I'm trying to give him more calm tasks like writing in notebooks (it's actually a detective pad, sorry!) and playing with dinosaur stickers. He is sweet and lovable, but also gets a ton of time outs.

Dakota is crawling up and down the stairs like she's a compulsive exerciser looking to lose weight before a vacation. She can walk with assistance, but no steps on her own yet (very soon I imagine). She is long, long, long, to the point that we may have a car seat flipping to forward facing earlier than expected (or desired). She has just a smidge more hair now, which is lovely. At this rate she'll be able to have a french braid by age 13. She has figured out that when she's done eating she can just cry really loud and I'll take her out of her high chair, so that's been a fun one.

Here is Oliver using my lens cap as an eye patch, and a toy from his doctor set as something else? Dakota isn't pleased about any of it.

Here is a photo I took in the Apple Store at Masonville mall while our friend Mariza (visiting from Brazil this month) bought an iPhone. I kinda wish they could fit in one mall-car forever. Also, that their dispensing thing would be broken forever so that the car rental would be free, like it is now.

This was literally the best photo I could get of them together on the couch. NOT having it.

Here they are at the cottage "playing chess". You can see who the bossy one is.

And here they are in a snowball fight on the lake. It's everyone vs Calvin, as you can see, except for me who happily documented it from inside the warm cottage.

It's been a fantastic January: my littlest little is one year old. I can't wait for the months to come -- especially the warm ones!

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