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Calvin and I have a standard list of things we always buy at the grocery store (whole wheat bread, eggs, yogurt, bananas, etc.) and there's typically some more general list items like "easy lunch stuff" and my favourite "stuff Amy would like". Cal literally will go through the store and pick out cute things that he thinks I'd want, if I'm not with him, things like pomegranates, quinoa jambalaya, and cherry lemonade. Or in this case: brown lentils.

Now, typically my favourite uses of lentils would be soup, cold salad and Indian-ish dishes, but unfortunately none of those were a go. Soup wouldn't work because I was looking for something that the kids could eat without any assistance. (How much does it suck to spend half an hour feeding your one year old a bowl of soup, only to finally take a spoon of yours and it's cold? A lot.) No luck on salad because the way I like mine is super acidic and full of parsley which doesn't go well for little ones. And Indian food would require at very least more time, more coconut milk, and a husband who doesn't tell me to take a bath after I make anything with curry.

So falafels it was. The very easiest thing you can do with lentils short of eat them cold and plain. This took me around five minutes, I mean that. Here are the steps:

1. In a blender (regular family size or the small individual kind) buzz up 1 cup canned or recently cooked lentils with a few spoons of the canning liquid, or just water, as well as: a pinch of salt and a pinch of cumin and 1 egg. When it's sort of smooth, try stirring in a spoon of flour.

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