Happy First Birthday Dakota

5:02 AM

Miss Dakota:

It's been a year... One that feels like five minutes, and twenty years, at the same time. It feels like I gave birth to you yesterday, but that you've been with our family since the dawn of time. You were always meant to be with our family, that is for sure.

Koty, you are so funny. We should have all known your first "sentence" would be: NO BABA. Which is something you say to stop Oliver from bugging you (Baba = brother) and you say it with one hand up in his face. Most often in the bath, and with a smirk. You also play a mean game of Peekaboo, by pulling the bottom of the shower curtain over your face and then magically appearing, and yelling PEEEEEK! I've never seen it happen where the person didn't burst into hysterics. You are a future Saturday Night Live castmate for certain.

Kota, you are forgiving. This must be a quality shared by first sisters of older brothers. So many times I've seen Oliver come barrelling down the hall and absolutely knock you over and you simply get up and keep playing. Sometimes followed by a clap to congratulate yourself. I would feel like a bad mom to list the injuries you've sustained in your 52-week life, but my-my, you are resilient and kind.

Koko, you are beautiful. I know I tell you this ten times a day, minimum and it must be getting old, but has there ever been a baby so beautiful? You happy eyes and your mouth filled with five teeth that seems to have stopped production at five. Your hands always read to clap. And that puffy belly that houses meals in portions that are meant for teenagers. I am totally mesmerized by you!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For joining our family and making us the fearsome-foursome we've always been destined to be. You are everything I've ever wanted in a daughter and so much more. And I promise I'll never stop asking Daddy "WE HAVE A DAUGHTER? ARE YOU SURE? REALLY? CHECK AGAIN!"

This photo is my desktop background at work so I can stare at you all through the day.

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