Eating at work

5:28 AM

Short of all the gifted chocolate I devour, I find that I eat pretty healthy at work. For me, a never-cafeteria-purchaser, it’s really simple to pack some great food and then stick to what I have. The alternative is being at home, with a kitchen full of food, and that’s when things can really get unhealthy. At least at work I can’t do a donuts-fried-in-butter experiment!
I work 10 – 12 hour shifts, so it’s longer than average, but here is what I ate in one day:
5:45am: Greek yogurt with maple syrup; to give me fuel for the drive to work and the first couple tasks of the day
6:00-7:30am: Black coffee in a double walled mug to keep it hot
8:00am: An entire avocado and 10 cherry tomatoes with salt; I realize how weird this is, thank you very much
9:30am: A fruit and nut tart from a platter for everyone in the department to share
10:00am-1:00pm: Slowly snacking on roasted almonds and mini cheddar crackers, lots of filtered water
1:00pm: A huge bowl of leftover veggie rice with San-J Gluten-Free Orange Stir-fry sauce; I put this on everything from perogies to scrambled eggs
2:30-5:30pm: Finish off a bag of chili-lime seasoned peanuts, more water
6:45pm: Dinner of Chicken Burgers and sweet potato fries
And I honestly rarely snack after eating dinner, so that’s the end of it.

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