11 month / 41 month update

8:00 PM

I'm starting to get a kick out of calling Oliver a 41 month old boy. Actually it goes well with the fact that yesterday he asked me for na-na milk, ie to nurse. How weird and unexpected. So... Aside from strange requests that I denied, things have been great! I'm actually surprising myself to get this update done since we have been so busy (as has the rest of the world I'm sure). I have been working a lot, like I'm in the midst of a 6/7 day streak and all shifts are about 10-12 hours long. Add in family gatherings and catering/baristaing our church's Christmas Eve service at Fire Rock Golf Club, I need some rest! It doesn't help that Dakota is still teething and still choosing me as her favourite teething toy. We have also had our dear friend Pedro visiting from Brazil. It has been amazing to have him here but if you can believe it: he hasn't seen any snow!

So what's new with the kiddos? Oliver survived the noro-virus. Somehow Dakota escaped getting it, even after visiting her great grandma in a retirement home on outbreak. We decorated our house for the holidays and have spent a lot of time with family. And Cal took the kids shopping a lot!

Oliver loved doing advent every morning. I would read him a story and bible verse and then have chocolate of course. He somewhat understands Santa too. His favourite gift was a trampoline to keep in his room. Santa bought him Legos. He also got a new tablet from my dad to replace the one he accidentally dropped. He also really loved this pretend coffeemaker. And so many other things. Dakota is harder to gauge but the gift she seemed to take the most affinity to was a simple bead and track toy by Melissa and Doug, like you would see in a doctor's office. She also received a new car seat. My mom found a portable booster chair for eating away from home and I am really excited about that.

Here is Dakota on Christmas morning. She was pretty good at opening gifts and being excited about them, considering her age.

Here's Oliver all fancy for a Christmas party, or Christmas photo - I can't remember which!

Here's a new t-shirt our visitor Pedro brought from Brazil. 


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