Christmas tea

4:37 PM

For my birthday, which was a couple weeks ago (27! What!) my husband decided to go the Victoria Secret route in the present department. Which I was so hoping for. Because of this, he felt the kids should buy me something separate. You know just in case someone asked Ollie what he bought his mommy and he said lingerie? Ha ha. So they the kids got me...

12 TEAS OF CHRISTMAS by DavidsTea. 

It's a tree shaped package of holiday inspired teas and it is amazing so far!

I have tried:
Organic super ginger. This one stood out to me right away from the smell. It really is SUPER ginger and your nose will agree. It contains green roiboos (caffeine free) as well as black, white and pink peppercorns for spice and stevia for sweetness. Great for when you're under the weathe r 

Eggnog. This one is also green roiboos which is great because it's more of an evening tea. It contains white chocolate and meringues as well as the yummy taste of nutmeg. At first I thought it was not very strongly flavoured but by the end of my mug I was like: wow is this tea or real eggnog? Yum. 

And lastly, sleigh ride. It's a blend of apple, hibiscus, pineapple, papaya, beers, cinnamon, raisin, almond, coconut, almonds and popped rice. I brewed a pot and my entire house smelled like the world's best cinnamon apple cider. Sleigh ride is currently in the lead for best holiday tea but I'm only a quarter way through. 

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