10 month / 40 month update

7:33 AM

I am sad to say the photos will be at a minimum this time around, for a few reasons. First of all, between unpacking the house, decorating it for the holidays, Oliver having a bad accident involving much blood, and me going back to work, the number of non-Gorey photos is quite low. The main reason though is that I had to have Apple replace my phone and any photos I would like to post are in my backup, which I am too lazy to access. Also we have a big day planned with our friends Jordan and Jill including a Marlies game and tacos at a restaurant that I'm hoping to spot Drake at, so I have limited time to post this!

The update is: all is well. The kids are growing and eating and having a blast. Dakota can crawl and is working on tooth #4, 5 and 6. Ollie is healing his face gash and working on his invention and talking about Santa a lot. We are going to record a house tour soon and I can post it here.

So all I have to leave you with is this:

Instagram: @@amyjoyharrison 

Come back soon for a better update. 

And I will post about returning to work also. 


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