What's in a natural mama's medicine cabinet?

6:16 AM

As we are moving so, so, so soon I'm in packing boxes beast mode. Today I was organizing our bathroom closet and snapped this photo. 

If anyone is interested in seeing what a natural mama keeps on hand here it is:

1. Let's start with a nice mainstream product: Gravol kids. It's not in any way natural but like heck if I can get a 3 year old to take the natural Ginger variety. Great for nausea and vomiting. 
2. Oscillococcsinum: this is my go to flu product. Homeopathic. 
3-6. Homeocan Kids 0-9 line: Cough &
Cold, Calm, Flu Buster, Pain & Fever. All self explanatory and all effective. 
7. Hyland Calms: one dissolvable homeopathic tablet and Oliver is a new kid!
8. St. Francis Ear Oil: smells like a snack, gets rid of pain. 
9. Stimulus an Pink Eye reliever: wish we never needed this. 
10. Vitamin D drops. Can't remember the brand. Can't be bothered to go upstairs and check. 
11. Traumeel: sports injury cream. Don't know if I use this more often for Cal after hockey or Ollie after... life. 
12. Camilia teething drops. They simply work, no question. 
13. Thermometer. 
14. "Neti pot" type saline nasal vials. 
15. Snot sucker. The classic. 

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