Snack Ideas for Preschoolers

12:53 PM

Do you ever have that moment standing in front of a full fridge going "What can we eat?!" It's the worst. It happens in the pantry, or cupboards, too. It happens at snack time, or when it's time to make dinner. And the hilarious part is there's so much food right in your face but it just doesn't come together.

My Mennonite heritage (and many other factors) have really helped me have a creative mind for putting a meal together using what you've got. That's not to say we don't plan ahead or that we've come into some hard time where we need to make one piece of meat stretch for a week. But for me the real kicker is when Oliver asks for a snack. For a three year old, he isn't very picky, however I do want to make sure he likes it enough to finish it, and that it's somewhat healthy and balanced, and won't make a huge mess. Or use up the ingredients I need for dinner! It's not a full meal so it doesn't need to have every component (protein, vegetable or fruit, grains, "dairy"... *cough cough) but I do like to try and pair a fruit or veggie with at least a protein or grain. Two food groups should do it! With all that as criteria, here are some snack ideas:

Cucumber and tzaziki
Avocado toast
Almonds, chocolate chips and dried cherries
Coconut granola and blueberries on yogurt
Cherry tomatoes, pita triangles and hummus
Peanut butter toast
Oven chips and guacamole
Grapes, white cheddar and crackers
Cashews and sliced banana
Watermelon, raspberry and yogurt smoothie
Carrot sticks and rice balls (mini arancini)
A falafel wrapped in lettuce
Canned tuna with mayo and celery
Raisins and sunflower seeds
Apples, dried cranberries and walnuts
Potato pancakes with applesauce dip
English muffin with almond butter and strawberries
A peach and white laughing cow cheese
A mug of homemade soup
Turkey lunch meat and bell peppers rolled up
Hot cocoa made with warm almond milk, honey and cocoa powder and a coconut macaroon
Leftover pesto noodles and mushrooms

Are any of these combos a hit in your house? Any quick snack ideas to add to the list?

Hopefully these ideas will help you in one of those "DUHH WHAT TO MAKE?" moments!

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