Questions of the Day

5:28 PM

Tina from posted these questions a few days ago. I finally had a chance to sit down and answer them. 

What are you into lately?

As far as TV goes: 19 kids and counting, Survivor, the Mindy Project, New Girl and SNL. Books: short story compilation style fiction like Invisible Monsters (Palahniuk), One More Thing (Novak) and Let's Discuss Diabetes with Owls (Sedaris). Music: the guy who sings Waves, we get a kick out of him at home. Food: salsa verde, pumpkin yogurt, the Campbell's Gourmet line of soups, sautéed mushrooms, red onions instead of white. Activities: all the farms of course. 

Celeb on Instagram?

I really enjoy following Cara Delevigne because she's pretty out there. Some of the crunchier moms like Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, Alicia Silverstone and now Megan Fox is a hippy too. Also the whole DuPree family who play in the band Eisley (and Merriment). 


I pretty much only drink cider these days. I was craving Kaluha and coffee the other night but we had already packed it up. The only other drinks I like are gin and tonic, amaretto sour and something I had at the Keg called a Queen B.  

Food Indulgence? 

What's an indulgence anyway? I put a lot of mayo or butter in my food. I ate like 40 pecan butter tarts in a week. Does that count?

Beauty products? 

An old brown-y Mac eye shadow Id forgotten about. Benefit high brow (is that what it's called?). Lise Watier black mascara. Aloe Vera as a brow gel. 

Way to wind down?

Twitter. Calvin making me laugh. Packing boxes for our move. Having a 3rd cup of coffee. Target. 

Piece of jewelry?

Just my rings!


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