Kylie Jenner big lips Halloween costume

11:56 AM

I adore playing with my Fullips lip enhancing tool. It's like an all natural lip injection surgery. 

Knowing Halloween is tomorrow and I have nooooo costume (such is the life of a mom) I played around with makeup for 30 seconds, cut an old t shirt into a headband and plumped my lips to be KYLIE JENNER. So fun!

Here's the look and instructions below:

So before the lips even come into play, a dark wig and some turquoise pieces will be perfect. Plus a headband and some circle sunglasses. She typically wears fashionable but goth type clothes. You'll want a clean light look for skin with lots of contouring and highlighting. Then dramatic angled brows and winged liner. Use false lashes if you have them. Then for the lips:

I simply added a balm to begin. My lips were light and dried out from sloppily applying Bb cream. I prefer the round Fullips enhancer but other people like the ovals. Hold it over your lips and suck in a few breaths to create auction. Some people like to leave it on for a few minutes others like to take it on and off a number of times for short periods. You can also place it in different locations for different looks. Here I wanted big all around. I could have gone much bigger (like botched plastic surgery big) but stopped here. Then I applied Make up Forever nude lipstick and gloss over. 

Don't forget selfies. 

Here's a video to show you:

Have fun!

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