Finding eco friendliness in unexpected places

9:33 AM

So many of my posts seem to have a disclaimer; here's the one for today... Disclaimer: I am cheap cheap cheap! Maybe the nicer way to say that is "frugal" or "thrifty". I hang on to clothes, and shoes, longer than their fashionable or functional expiration date. I will gladly make a 75 cent can of lentils stretch for a few lunches. I negotiate with baristas to get fancy drinks at reasonable prices. So when I grocery shop there is a mix of "get what's good" (on a culinary level and also in regards to sustainability and planet consciousness) and "what's affordable". 

The first place I found Eco friendliness in an unexpected place was canned tuna. I was excited to see a super deal of like under $2 each and almost didn't realize that in my frugality I was also making a kind choice!


Ocean's now offers Pole & Line products which refers to the method that they were caught. Net fishing sucks on many levels. Out in the ocean anything can be caught in there (dolphins!) and we can't trust that they'll be humanely rescued. 

The other product was sent to me for blog sample and its Garnier Fructus shampoo, conditioner and weekly deep treatment for blondes. 

Basically they've re formulated their packaging to use more recycled material. Which is helpful considering how many of these bottles the average household burns through in a year. If you're looking for a run way to repurpose your shampoo bottle wash it out really well and fill with pancake batter. You can use the new precision to write out cursive letters and make word pancakes. So fun. 

Sometimes in trying to save a buck I can overlook the really Eco concious choices out there so it's great when these gems pop up unexpectedly. Glad to see major companies are mindful of these issues and they'll only become more so if we support!

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