Exciting things in grocery land

1:16 PM

Wow, two grocery posts in a row. Just hand me a Loblaws flyer and call me Extreme Couponer. 

I can't help it if I'm excited about some finds. That's normal right? To put your groceries away and then sneak back for a look like "Yum, this stuff looks good." Breakfast after grocery day is always the king of breakfasts. 

So here were my top three:

I've seen a bazillion commercials for Silk Creamy Cashew but when I found a lone carton of it hanging out near the yogurt I just had to take it home with me. I even ran my carton of almond milk back to its place. I've been drinking homemade cashew milk for years but it's nice to have something ready made so I don't need to buzz up the blender when others in the house might be sleeping (between Dakota sleeping in, both of them napping, and me crashing so early in the evenings someone is always sleeping around here!) It tastes really good and I can't wait to make a pumpkin smoothie with it. Did anyone catch how I just sold it by saying I don't need to use the blender and then subsequently suggested blending it into a smoothie? Okay cool. 

Find #2, and you're welcome for this high quality camera phone shot, is Lindt white coconut chocolate. Some days I just NEED a 2nd coffee and a square of chocolate around 3pm. And if there's like totally like super healthy coconut pieces then it's most definitely like crazy good for you right? Right. 

Lastly, not a grocery store find (LCBO) but Featherstone white wine. Can't pretend to know much about this winery (it's in the Niagara region) nor can I convince you that I'm a wine snob by any means but it tastes great and I'm really happy with it. Decently sweet and fruity but not at all floral, it's just very smooth and refreshing. I love it after a crazy day of child chasing.

Lastly, how awesome is it that President's Choice is now artificial colour and artificial flavour free?! I've always been impressed with what quality they offer at such affordable prices. They have a HUGE range of products and Cal and I especially love their "Black" line (for coffee, jam, burgers, and much more). We will sometimes say to each other "just grab something from Black". Knowing that an entire network of products like that is totally free of horrible chemicals, and are instead relying on REAL flavours and colours is so encouraging. I support them big time for this major decision. Go PC!

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