Do you want my extra supplements?

11:10 AM

So I love trading.. I used to babysit for yoga money, write for juice, and lecture for child care. I would gladly work for trades with no money transfer at all, for life, if it was possible...

I was just cleaning out my supplement cupboard and was wondering if anyone would like these extras. 

I don't need money for them. Some are past expiration and others I've already opened (ask me if interested). Just suggest a trade you can do with me. I'm in the market for light pink nail polish, some dry pantry items (nuts, seeds, lentils, grains), material for making clothes/moby wraps/curtains, or second hand clothes for the kids (size 9 months, size 3T shoe size 10) or me (small/medium, shoe size 6.5/7), or anything really! Email me

Go trading go!

Con air easy start hot curling set
Salus Valerian (for sleep) & Nettle (for iron/other)
Vogel Molkosan (liquid whey supplement)
Vogel stinging nettle and Anti Stress
Flora floressene (detox tea)
Derma-E samples: a number of anti aging ones (and one is Yes to Blueberries), glycolic cleanser, scar gel, microdermabrasion, psoriasis cream
Natural Factors vitamin K & D
Swiss Papaya Enzymes for digestion 
Jamieson vitamin D
Natural Factors Anti Viral tincture
Vogel calcium absorber 
Genestra coenzyme q10
Now magnesium oxide powder
Pedis lute for when kids need electrolytes/rehydration 

I also have a large tub of a detox/cleanse powder to add to smoothies (too big for the photo)

Heck I might have other stuff you want -- clothes, cosmetics, I have millions of body washes and lotions and like dental floss for years, just ask. 

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