8 month / 38 month update

9:41 PM

Well first thing's first DAKOTA HAS A TOOTH. I know, I know, this is big news. The little lady has been taking her time in all the typical milestones of transitioning from a helpless infant to a kooky toddler. She's not fond of sitting or crawling and has just a fuzzing of hair on her head, so that tooth cracking through was like her "big girl moment". 

Oliver has been Mr. Social, buddying up with guys and girls at church and in the neighbourhood. Tonight he was out at an outdoor movie in the park with my mom and sister. He's doing killer with underwear-wearing & own-bed-sleeping which makes for a happy mom. 

Also, we are moving! We've purchased a never before lived in home in the north east end of the city which puts Ollie in the district of the elementary school Cal attended as a boy. It's going to be hectic making the move, right around when I return to work but it'll be worth it. 

And yep I'm going back to work. Cal will finish out our parental leave mid November to end of January and then it's CAN YOU BABYSIT FOR US? time again. We just hate to sign them up for expensive day care when between our schedules and our moms wanting to spend days with them we really only need help 5 or less days a month. So, some photos:

Oliver has been loving this old mini laptop  that I used to take notes on in University. He will spend like 10 minutes (that's a lot in 3 year old boy time) typing on the word processor. He's also really into batteries, Calvin's tool set and big marbles. All things that suck if they spill all over the floor. 

 I adore this photo. Dakota figuring out how the swing works. Oliver getting max joy out of it. 

Dakota at her first Blue Jays game. 

It was a big move to allow him to bring his "map" and trucks out of the toy room and into the living room. We had fun. 

Ollie's new chore is taking the recycling out. Don't mind the chocolate cereal - we bought it when we had visitors :)

We loved painting on the porch in the dark while waiting for Cal to get home from work. 

"This right mom?"

Trips to Target are always good. 

The very worst evening of my mom hood:
Ollie somehow dislocated his elbow while playing. He ended up in emerg but had instant relief when the doc popped it back in place. 

 "Dis for me right?"

Ollie wore that hospital bracelet for days after. I had to secretly cut it off during nap time. You should see the stuff I have to do while he's sleeping. Throw out the stale half doughnut, hide the helicopter, remove the batteries from that annoying toy, photograph his drawing and then recycle it. And the list goes on. 

We went to the Children's Museum (wasn't impressed) and ate this on the way home. 

Kota with new hand me downs from her friend!

Ollie thought it only fair that I take a photo of him too.

And that was September!

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