Update 7 months & 37 months

3:41 PM


Miss Koty won't be weighed until her 9 month appointment but she's certainly long and heavy. She wears mostly 9 month on top and 6 month on bottom. She loves. To. Eat. All fruit (cinnamon baked apples are her favourite currently), all veggies (spinach blended into other things are a current worst in the diaper department), as well as eggs, shredded cheese and plain yogurt. She likes those baby puffs and rice teething crackers although I'm not fully sold on their benefit. She drinks some water but nurses 150,000 times a day. She rolls, sits (with lots of falls), and feeds herself. She still hates her car seat. She still loves her brother. And she adores swimming. 

Ollie has had a number of amazing accomplishments this month. We haven't purchased diapers in who knows how long. We do keep pull ups on hand for night time but he wakes up dry every day. We did a 4 hr long road trip to the Muskokas and he wore underwear (he did pee on the floor of a rest stop but he was just trying to be weird -- he really likes peeing in odd places). He also used to hate being put to bed or nap so he'd literally hang out with us in the common areas of our house or wherever we were until he crashed, which caused some late nights. He now brushes his teeth (independently), gets in his jammies (with help to pull his day shirt off) and lays in bed until he falls asleep. Alone. It's a miracle. At 8:15pm our house is QUIET. Thank Jesus, I mean it. He also has learned that "mommy doesn't say yes to whining" - it helps a lot! 

As you can see I've ditched the old idate format but here are some photos. 

He hasn't stopped riding since we bought it. 

Laughing at my hopes of accomplishing a double nap. 

A car we made and painted. Sucks being raised by a hippie?

My first time watching his hair cut. 

But is she real? I want to eat her. 

Buddy did a ton of fishing. 

We've coined this "the look". By the way we couldn't find him in this clothing store and then he busted out of the change room wearing this brown decorative rug and yelling Bear on the Loose!

Who is the wiener who designs playgrounds to be inaccessible for kids 3 and under? Like would it hurt to add some stairs? 

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